One of the most alarming trends in the construction industry is just how stubborn the industry is when it comes to accepting change. Too often, construction owners remain stuck in their existing ways, refusing to make any changes. One such example is construction software.

Currently, there is time clock software that can revolutionize the way construction owners operate. Not only can time clock apps streamline payroll processes, but they can also allow you to have constant contact with employees. If you’ve yet to modernize your construction software, there’s no better time to do so than now. Below, we’ve provided a brief overview of why you should upgrade your construction software.

What Does Time Clock Software Do? 

Before detailing why you should consider switching to modern time clock software, it’s critical that you first understand what time clock software does. The primary benefit of time clock software is that your employees can clock in and out of work remotely, without having to use a paper sheet.

You can also send alerts and notifications to your employees’ phones using time clock software. Furthermore, you can track the location of your employees so that you know whether they’re at a job site or not. Additionally, you can quickly assign tasks to employees while also sending them directions to their job site for the day.

Make Life Easier For Employees 

Construction employees tend to be quite frustrated with outdated payroll measures. Considering that more than 90 percent of general contractors in the United States have said that they’re concerned about a labor shortage, construction owners should want to do everything in their power to ensure their employees are satisfied.

A time clock app allows employees to clock in and out of a job site with the mere push of a button on their phone. No longer will they have to wait in line to manually sign a piece of paper. When the work day is complete, all employees need to do is log out of the app to sign off for the day.

Employees can even view payroll discrepancies in real time. If they believe there’s an error with their work hours for the week, employees can let you know immediately. No longer will employees have to wait until their paycheck arrives to correct mistakes.

Lastly, time clock apps provide employees with directions to their job site. One of the most annoying things for employees is when they get lost on the way to a new job site. Since they can now receive directions in their time clock app, they no longer have an excuse for getting lost on the way to work.

Make Life Easier For Employers 

Not only can modern construction software make life easier for employees, but it can also make life easier for employers. No longer will employers have to deal with missing paper time sheets. They’ll receive a log of the work completed for the day, providing them with the ability to check in on employees in real time.

Additionally, employers can assign tasks to employees remotely through the app. Employers can also instruct employees to manually log the projects they’ve worked on throughout the day. Doing so can give employers a more accurate representation of how long it takes to complete a particular task, allowing them to bid projects more accurately in the future.

Lastly, with location tracking, employers can ensure that an employee was at the job site when he or she claimed to be. The features offered by a time card app could benefit both the employer and employee, which is why you should consider upgrading.