As a small business construction owner, one of the things that could cause you the most trouble is payroll. In fact, according to Zenefits, 82 million employees in the United States are affected by payroll problems. If you find that you’re having trouble paying your employees the appropriate amount or on-time, there are a few things that you may want to consider. Fortunately, we’re here to provide you with three tips to avoid hassles with payroll.

Use A Time Card App 

In the construction industry, one of the things that causes the most payroll problems is the inability to keep track of time sheets. Having employees write down their information on paper time sheets can cause massive problems. It can be challenging for managers to keep track of these when bouncing around from job site to job site. It could also be difficult to read handwriting when entering information into your system.

A time card app allows your employees to track their working hours from their phone. The best time card apps are location-enabled, which means managers can verify that an employee was at the job site when he or she claimed to have been.

Furthermore, time card apps forward daily information to managers, no matter their location. These apps run a concise report about who worked when and where. Managers can then use these reports to run their payroll processes, ensuring that the information is timely and accurate. Automating payroll with a time card app can go a long way toward eliminating many of the hassles typically associated with pay.

Set A Weekly Process 

When using a mobile time card app, managers can determine when they want to run payroll. Managers should seek to set a payroll schedule so that they do not miss any payments. Managers should set clear standards detailing when they will run payroll and when employees can expect to be paid. Managers should outline when:

  • • The end of the week is – this will either likely be Friday or Saturday
  • • They’ll move data from the time card app to the payroll system
  • • Employees can expect to see the money in the account

By automating the process, it should be much easier for managers to meet these expectations. This, as a result, should keep employees satisfied.

Back Up And Secure Your Payroll Data 

When shifting to mobile time card apps, you won’t have to worry about site managers losing pieces of paper with your employee’s reporting hours. However, since mobile time card apps are entirely digital, it’s essential that you make efforts to back up and secure your data.

If your payroll system was to be compromised, you could jeopardize sensitive employee information. You could also lose data indicating when you needed to pay employees and how much you needed to pay them. To prevent this from happening, it’s critical that you protect the information. Consider backing up your payroll data to a cloud-based server, so that you could access it from anywhere.