Many small business owners tend to overlook the hiring process. They often want to make sure that they hire employees who are strong, willing, and able. However, your hiring process should be much more in-depth than this. You should want to make sure that you hire employees who are a good fit for your team and business. This could mean that you’re going to have to revamp your entire hiring and training process.

Instead of waiting for talent to walk through the door, you are going to need to seek out candidates. Once you have talent in your pipeline, you’re going to have to invest in training. Consider one statistic from Bridge that revealed that more than 85 percent of millennials said that career training and development would keep them from leaving their current position. Below, you’ll find a brief breakdown of effective hiring strategies for small business construction owners.

Evaluate Your Existing Positions

If you wish to hire new employees for your company, the first thing you must do is evaluate the individual in the role currently. Come up with a few categories that you deem relevant for the position. For instance, for general contractors working on your job site, you may consider things such as:

• Work Ethic
• Attentiveness 
• Ability to Work with Others 

Assign a letter grade to each one of the categories. For instance, one of your workers may show up on time and is never late to a job site. You are inclined to give them an “A+.” However, this individual is always causing problems and you’ve heard rumblings that other team members don’t like working with the person. Perhaps you’d assign the person a “C-“ for his or her ability to work with others.

If you do this for everyone on your team, you’ll have a much better idea of the areas you need to closely review when hiring. For instance, if your construction team does not work well with one another, perhaps you need to find a manager with strong leadership skills.

Furthermore, you may find that you don’t need to invest in a new person, but rather in a new product. For instance, if most of your team struggles with being on time, try to determine the reason for this. Something as simple as the ClearTaskSolutions employee time clock app, which provides employees with directions to job sites, could ensure that they arrive on time.

Get Rid Of Those Weighing You Down 

It’s an extreme case, but some Fortune 500 companies require management to fire ten percent of their staff each year. The belief is that this ten percent is weighing the company down. Getting rid of these candidates and hiring better prospects could continually improve the company.

This may seem drastic, primarily as a small business owner who struggles to find trustworthy employees. There’s a good chance that you’ve grown close with your employees over the years, working on job sites together. However, if you want your business to be successful, you must take an honest look at the company and determine who is weighing you down. “Trimming the fat” could allow you to allocate your resources better.

Seek Out Talent 

If you want to hire quality employees to your team, you’re going to have to go out and find it. Consider hiring someone to your team with experience in hiring. They should come up with an exciting, detailed job post that indicates what you’re looking for and what sets your company apart from others. The person should then post this description on various job boards in order to draw in prospects. You’re going to have to work to secure quality talent, but doing so could be an investment well worth your while.