As a business owner, every dollar counts. You should continually be looking for ways to streamline your expenses so that you can allocate resources more efficiently. One of the simplest ways to do so is by evaluating your current time and attendance system.

Unfortunately, many business owners are stuck working with outdated paper timecards. As you move from the job site to the office, there’s a strong chance that these time sheets will be lost along the way. If the time sheets do make it back to your headquarters, someone then has to read chicken-scratch handwriting and enter the hours into a spreadsheet before running payroll.

Fortunately, now there are time and attendance systems that allow you to modernize your process.

How Does Modern Time Clock Software Work? 

Before looking at the benefits of time clock software, it’s critical that you first understand how the systems work. Each one of your employees will have the time clock software as an app on their phone. The time clock app begins working the moment an employee leaves their door, as it provides them with clear directions to the job site. No longer will you deal with employees showing up late and claiming that they were lost.

Upon arriving at the job site, the employee will clock in using the app on their phone. You can instruct your employees to define which project they’re working on during a specific period, providing you with the opportunity to better track employee data. This, in turn, will allow you to bid more accurately in the future. You can also confirm that an employee was actually at a job site when they clocked in, thanks to location tracking that comes with the time clock app.

When employees clock out at the end of the day, a report is sent to management to review. Employees and managers are able to see these reports in real time. If there are any discrepancies in a payroll report, employees can let you know right away. Employees no longer have to wait to receive their paycheck to report a discrepancy in hours worked.

Employers can then connect their time card calculator app to their payroll system, automating the payroll process. If this is something you’ve manually had to do in the past, then you will find that this app will allow you to focus on the day-to-day operations of your business instead.

Save You Money 

According to the American Payroll Association, estimating payroll can save companies at least two percent annually on their payroll. Automated payroll systems are quite affordable. Expected costs include:

• $1 per month per employee
• $35 per month for an administrative dashboard with electronic payroll 
• $1 per month for a field app 

These costs pale in comparison to the cost of having to install a time card system with access cards or codes. Not only are these programs expensive, but they’re not feasible at short-term construction sites and they require a lot of training. If you’re looking to modernize your payroll system, an employee time clock app is the most straightforward way to do so.

Improve Your Company’s Reputation 

Your new time and attendance system will have employees showing up on time and working hard. This increases the likelihood of completing a job on time, which can improve your reputation in the community and increase your chances of receiving future business.