If you run a staffing agency, you already know that your best chance at success is responding promptly to requests for temporary staff. Often these requests are made as an emergency where the qualified staff is required as quickly as possible.

The construction business can be a very lucrative sector of the industry to serve as this area of work already suffers from an industry-wide lack of skilled personnel. This situation is exacerbated even more when the present skilled labor gets injured and can’t work, necessitating the need for emergency replacements. If you want to fill this gap and prove to be an invaluable business partner to construction firms, here’s how you can effectively market your staffing agency.

Emphasize Speedy Replacement

This, more than anything else, will get you a reputation in the business that will not only guarantee repeat customers but bring new companies to your door, needing your services. As already mentioned, there is a labor shortage in the construction industry, so finding good full-time staff is already a challenge for many construction businesses.

If you can provide qualified temporary staff on short notice, this is a major sales point in your favor. If you can only provide a temp staff member within 30 days or more, a construction business may almost be better off undergoing the usual hiring process to find a new full-time employee. Other staffing agencies will try to meet needs within days, if not hours. You’ll succeed if you can do the same.

Cultivate Skilled Temporary Staff

Construction requires different skillsets, so if you have the staff that fills in certain needs, make sure you emphasize this when construction businesses are looking for emergency replacements. While it’s true that general labor like heavy lifting might require good physical fitness, if you have staff trained in specific tools, such as working with plasma cutters, or being well-versed in construction vehicles, being able to market this fact will get you much business.

Make sure that you play to your strengths, and you follow the needs of the industry. Skilled staff that is qualified in certain areas will always be in demand, and that means your agency will always be in demand if you can quickly provide that staff when requested.

Highlight Accountability

One thing that some construction businesses are wary of with temporary workers is a lack of tracking or responsibility. They don’t know who these people are, where they come from, or what they are doing on the job when there’s no direct supervision.

When you use software like an employee time clock app, you can provide the peace of mind to put these worries at ease. Now you can track—and show, if requested—when a staff worker has clocked in to start work. You can show exactly where the worker is on a GPS tracker. Finally, if the worker needs to produce certain results, photos of the work can be taken and included in a work report that both you and the client can refer to and verify.

When you use software like ClearTaskSolutionsto track your temporary workers, you not only have an efficient electronic management system, it’s one with easy accountability and verification built-in, so everyone knows what’s going on.