One of the most significant problems with the construction industry is that owners are very much stuck in their existing ways and processes. A perfect example of this is seen with the use of paper timesheets.

Modern time clock software is available today that can help streamline the payroll process and provide small business owners with a wealth of information. Below, we’ll outline some of the features of time clock apps and how construction owners can manage multiple projects at once.

Outdated Time Sheet Processes 

If you’re a small business owner, you more than likely have a couple different projects that you’re working on in your local area. Each job site has a handful of employees. When using paper timecards you are asking them to record their hours on a piece of paper, which you then ask a manager to deliver to you at the end of the day, week, or month.

However, there are a few problems with this:

-Employees may not always log the exact hours that they are at the job site
-You cannot see what project they were working on
-You also can’t determine if they were actually at the job site or if someone logged in for them

Your managers have a ton of paperwork in their portfolio, such as project plans and blueprints, meaning that the odds of them losing a timesheet are high. If you were to lose a timesheet, what do you do then? Do you pay the employees for a full day’s work? Do you take them at their word? No matter what you choose, this is a headache that no one wants to deal with.

Outdated Payroll Processes 

One of the other issues with paper timesheets is that managers must enter projects manually into a spreadsheet or the payroll system. Now, imagine you have employees working on multiple projects. One project pays weekly, while the other pays monthly. By switching employees from one project to another, you’re left trying to figure out how much the employee is owed and when.

However, modern time card apps help to eliminate this problem. The apps log the hours that an employee works and managers can view this in one cohesive report that provides them with a breakdown of all of their ongoing projects. Managers no longer have to worry about losing a timesheet or trying to read illegible handwriting. Everything is delivered to them electronically, no matter where they may be.

All Of Your Data Is In One Place 

Construction managers love time card apps because it provides them with all of their information in one place. Managers often find that they can manage four to five more projects at a time after switching to a time card app.

These apps also provide managers with an abundance of data. They can analyze reports by the worker, by project, or by the task. This allows managers to determine where the company is efficient and where it is inefficient so that they can better streamline their processes moving forward.