A staffing agency needs to be agile to accommodate sudden requests from people often needing staff as emergency replacements in short order. However, to have that kind of agility, this requires a system in place that can quickly organize and mobilize the workers you have to send them where they need to go quickly. If someone makes an urgent request for temporary staff, and the fast response you can give is one month from now, you’ll be quickly left behind by staffing agencies that can respond within days, or even hours of a request.

One way to gain the agility you need is to automate your systems, a growing trend of the future of work. ClearTaskSolutions is the kind of management software you can use to achieve this goal, and here’s how.

Task Briefing Made Easy

In the past, the particulars of a new assignment could only be passed on through either a phone call, with the temp staff taking notes or through a briefing at the office, which still required taking notes. Now, however, tasks requirements can be easily transmitted—and preserved—online.

This means that now, all the important details of a temp assignment, such as the location of the work, the duties required, and special requests made by the employer are all preserved in a digital document that is stored online. As long as the temp worker has a device that has online access, all the pertinent information is preserved for referral as and when needed. There can’t be any disputes about whether the correct information was passed along or not when there is a digital document that shows exactly what was communicated to the worker.

No Physical Punch In Required

One of the best ways to ensure that people get paid for the number of hours they’ve worked is the traditional punch card/clock in method. However, this system, while efficient, has certain drawbacks. A punch clock with cards for workers confines clock in and out in a reasonable timeframe to the immediate area of the punch clock. If a worker’s actual work site is in a remote location, this means punching in, and doing some math to adjust the pay for the 30 minutes it takes the worker to get to the actual worksite, for example, or just not using a punch clock at all.

Another issue is that physical punch cards are easier to maintain for fulltime workers. If a temp worker arrives, this often means more work for everyone to create a temporary set of punch cards and accounting for the finance department to keep track of a worker that’s not going to be there after a set period anyway.

An employee time clock app eliminates both of these issues. Employees can punch in on their phone, as long as there is wireless reception. Punching in for temp employees is just as easy, and requires no configuring of a physical machine, or printing of a time card for a temp worker.

Location Tracking

Another major boost for productivity for temp workers is the inclusion of GPS positioning in new time clock software. Not only does this ensure that staffing agencies can keep track, in real-time, of the physical location of the workers, it also prevents fraudulent clock-ins from taking place. A worker that is supposed to show up at work in Los Angeles, who is clocking in from Las Vegas, for example, is caught out immediately.

With ClearTaskSolutions, your temp staffing efforts are faster and easier to track, with much greater accuracy and efficiency. That benefits both you and your clients.