As a business owner in the construction industry, you’re used to managing various work sites across your area. You probably heavily rely on information that your managers provide to you, as they are your eyes and ears for your remote locations.

However, as the construction industry moves into the 21st century, your project management efforts may become significantly easier. It’s now possible for you to manage construction projects remotely from a single device. Not only does this promote efficiency, but it also cuts down on the risk of errors as well.

Remote Communication Made Easy 

It’s possible for you to manage construction projects from a single device thanks to time clock apps. A time clock app allows employees to clock in and out of work with the mere touch of a button on their phone. However, the best time clock apps do so much more than that. They help streamline your project management efforts. Below, you’ll discover the benefits that time clock apps can offer.

Communicate With Employees

Do you need to send a mass message to your employees with a safety tip or update? If so, you can do so easily through a time clock app. Employees will receive the message in the app, providing you a straightforward way to communicate with the entire team.

You can also direct employees to different job sites using your time clock app. For instance, imagine you have an employee who has worked at a particular job site for months. They know how to get to the job site from their home in no time. However, another project of yours has fallen behind, and you need a bit of help picking up the slack.

You can notify the employee that he or she will be changing worksites via the app. Additionally, the app provides the employee with directions to the new site, ensuring the employee arrives in a timely fashion. You can do all of these remotely on your phone or computer.

Manage Payroll 

Another way in which time clock apps allow you to manage construction projects is by fixing your outdated payroll processes. Currently, you probably have managers collect paper timesheets at the end of the day. Not only can employees lie about how long they were at work, but managers can also lose these sheets quite easily. Using a mobile time card app eliminates this possibility.

Since employees clock in and out of work on their mobile phone, there’s no need for paper timesheets anymore. Additionally, owners will receive an extensive report at the end of the day, no matter where they’re located. From their smartphone, managers can see who worked that day, how long they worked, and what they worked on.

If managers were to notice any inconsistencies or errors, such as an employee forgetting to clock out, the manager could fix the problem in real-time via the app. The ability to do so helps streamline payroll processes, providing owners with more time to help grow the business.