If you’re considering making the switch to an employee time clock app, one of the things you’ll discover is that you’ll have access to significantly more data. Access to data and advanced metrics isn’t something that construction owners are used to having. However, using the data supplied by an employee time clock app could prove to be quite useful for construction owners.

If you’ve yet to accept that data could improve your business endeavors, you’re falling behind your peers. Roland Berger’s Think Act Report found that more than 90 percent of construction stakeholders believe that digitization will drastically change the building process in the coming years.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of how the data supplied by employee time clock apps is revolutionizing the construction industry. After reading this article, you may be ready to jump in line to begin modernizing your construction company.

Improved Accountability 

One of the best ways that data can help construction owners is by bringing accountability to the company. An employee time clock app holds both employees and employers accountable.

For instance, these apps provide employers with location tracking for employees. No longer will there be disputes about whether an employee was at a worksite. The app provides location tracking so that construction owners can ensure their employee is telling the truth. The app can also provide employees with directions to a job site. No longer can employees say that they got lost because precise instructions are at the palm of their hand.

Similarly, these apps hold employers responsible when it comes to payroll. Because the apps provide real-time payroll updates, there should not be any payroll disputes or delays. No longer do employers have an excuse for running payroll incorrectly as there are no longer any paper sheets that employers must verify.

Time clock apps can build a bridge between employers and employees, allowing them to build trust with one another. The more confidence that these two parties can build with one another, the more productive the company will be.

More Accurate Quotes

Time clock apps can also allow construction owners to see what projects their employees have been working on. With access to this information, owners can more accurately determine how long it takes to complete a task.

Construction owners could then use this data to bid a project more accurately, in terms of both time and cost. The more accurate the bid, the more satisfied the customer. Customers won’t be surprised by lengthy delays or unexpected expenses.

Similarly, having access to so much data can also prevent project waste. Construction owners will know precisely how much of a specific material they need. Again, this should leave clients satisfied, as they won’t pay for materials that go unused.

Streamline Business Practices 

Data access could also benefit construction owners because they can manage employees in real-time, allowing them to streamline their business practices. For instance, imagine a business owner that uses data to notice that Project A is falling behind schedule while Project B is slightly ahead of schedule.

Owners could then temporarily pull workers from Project B and send them to Project A so that Project A gets back on track quickly. With access to real-time data, construction owners can streamline their business practices, promoting efficiency within the company.

Attract New Employees 

Younger generations are attracted to technology. If they see that you’re using a mobile app and processing data, they could be more inclined to work for your company. In a time when employment numbers are down, having interest from younger individuals is crucial.