If you’re looking for ways to increase profits, one of the best ways to do so is by cutting wastefulness. Streamlining your processes and making your company operate more efficiently can go a long way towards improving your bottom line. One of the areas where construction managers are the least efficient is payroll hours. Fortunately, an eTimecard system could help improve this instantly.

Eliminates The Need For A Complex Payroll System

As a small business owner, you probably don’t need an overly complex payroll system. So, why pay for one? The requirements for a construction site are simple; workers must show up to a designated location and work their intended hours. If you feel as though you’re paying too much for your current payroll system, which has features that you may never use, then you’ll want to look into eTimecards.

Ensure Hours Are Billed Properly 

Statistics from AffinityLive estimate that workers in the United States fail to report 50 million working hours each day. If your employees don’t track hours, it’s tough to bill a client for labor. eTimecards simplify this process so that employees can log their time quickly and efficiently, as they must do nothing more than pull out their phone and press a button.

Data Collection 

eTimecards provide managers with live payroll update allowing them to compile data at the end of the day to see if a project is on track or falling behind. Managers can also alter payroll estimates during the project based on these real-time projections.

Workplace Efficiency 

eTimecards also come with location-tracking software so that managers can confirm that an employee was at a job site when they clocked in. Knowing that bosses are monitoring the hours that they’ve worked could create a culture of workplace efficiency.

Employees and contractors will be more motivated to work, which can help keep projects on track and completion dates on time. If you are able to provide quality work and projects that are completed on time then your reputation will begin to spread throughout your community. This will make others want to hire you and this will help increase your profits. All due to a simple change to your payroll system!

More Accurate Quotes 

Nothing frustrates customers more than when you ask for more money because you underestimated a project. With eTimecards, you’ll be able to better estimate how long a specific project will take. This allows you to provide more accurate quotes to your customers, improving your reputation.

eTimecards Offer Other Perks

As inefficiency is one of the reasons why business owners lose out on profits, you’ll be happy to hear that eTimecards can offer many other perks. For instance, eTimecard apps can provide users with an address and directions for a specific job site. Having employees who show up late to work will quickly derail a project, but these apps help eliminate this problem by ensuring employees arrive at the correct location on time.