Switching to a time clock app could pay tremendous dividends to your business when it comes to job costs. Curious about how eTimecards could help improve job costs? Below, you’ll find everything you need to know.

Improve Employee Efficiency 

One of the ways that a time clock app could help improve job costs is by improving employee efficiency. First and foremost, employees will no longer be able to fudge their time sheets, fraudulently representing when they were at a job site. That’s because the best time clock apps come with location tracking. Employers can verify if an employee was at a job site when they claimed to be.

Secondly, employers can require employees to track the jobs that they’re working on. This can provide employers with a snapshot of the day, especially if they were to follow up with managers.

For instance, imagine that Employee A indicates on their time clock app that they hung drywall for six hours. However, the site manager does not remember seeing the employee hanging drywall for this amount of time. The site manager could have a discussion with the employee reiterating company expectations to ensure the employee is working efficiently.

Studies have found that the working portion of activities typically accounts for up to 60 percent of labor hours, but that anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of labor hours are unproductive. Improving these numbers could make employees more efficient, thereby improving job costs.

Cut Back On Waste 

Time clock apps will also allow employers to identify how long it takes their employees to complete a project. With this data, they can cut back on wasteful spending. Construction owners may end up ordering too many supplies for a project. By compiling data using a time clock app, they can precisely identify how much of each supply they’ll need. Cutting back on wasteful spending could improve job costs significantly.

Bid Projects Accurately 

The last way in which eTimecards could help to improve job costs is by allowing employers to bid contracts accurately. By knowing how long it takes employees to complete a particular task, employers can more accurately bid contracts. No longer will there be sunken costs as employers are stuck with lengthy project delays. Sometimes, if the delays are severe, a client could refuse to pay, therefore cutting into your bottom line.

By bidding projects accurately, clients will be left satisfied. Not only does this help with current projects, but it will also pay dividends on future projects as well. Because untimeliness tends to plague the construction industry, finding a contractor who completes projects on time at the asked-for price is well received.

By completing projects on time, you’ll likely find yourself earning repeat customers. And, these customers are much more likely to share your information with friends and family. A time clock app could go a long way toward improving job costs and growing your business.