When you run a business, especially one with as many moving parts as construction, you have to strike a balance between understanding what a job needs to be completed, having the administrative ability to stay organized, and make sure all those moving parts do their jobs smoothly. After all, the best welder in the world isn’t going to do you much good if no welding torches are available on the job site. Or you can’t start on a building project if workers weren’t informed that the starting date changed.

That’s why anything that can assist with organizing, like time clock software, can be an invaluable aid. But what can time clock software do for you and your business?

Make Clocking In More Convenient

Older systems that use paper require workers to keep cards for clocking in and out or even filling out a time sheet. Then each worker has to make sure that time sheet gets handed in. Once the cards or time sheets are handed in, you, your HR or finance staff have to go over all those documents, process them, and make sure everything is accounted for.

An employee time clock app, however, does away with a lot of this. Since it’s installed on the phone, as an app, there’s no paper required. When an employee clocks in, the app records the time, and stores it online so that no matter where you or your staff are, you can always log in and check things yourself.

It Keeps Things Honest

“Buddy Punching” is the term workers use for when someone might be running late, and doesn’t want to lose pay for a few minutes. So they ask someone else to take the punch in card and clock in for them. While that’s not entirely honest, it might not seem like a big deal. However, people punching in at a specific work site while at a different location, and then just not showing up, is a very big deal.

Buddy punching and other forms of time theft cost businesses all over the country huge amounts of money. It’s one of those issues where it doesn’t seem like much by itself, but over time, and with enough people, it adds up to a significant loss. An employee time clock app can help to fight this. Since it’s an app, features like GPS tracking can ensure that when a person clocks in, it’s at the actual worksite. Anything else can be quickly verified and investigated.

Keep Track & Communicate More Accurately

With good time clock software, you can do more than just make sure that people are punching in to work on time. Due to the interconnected nature of this software, it can be used as a general communication device if you need it to be. Changes to a job, for example, can be communicated using this software.

You can even use it for research to get better data about how a job is going and how your organizational plans are working out. By collecting the data when people are showing up, how many hours they are putting in, and what kind of results you are getting, this lets you plan for future projects and be prepared with better accurat bids.