If you run a staffing agency, then managing workers is often the difference between gaining a reputation for reliability and quality results, or getting burdened with a list of growing complaints as clients and customers feel they have not received what they asked for. A staffing agency faces the considerable challenge of sending skilled workers into unfamiliar settings to do temporary work, only to go someplace different to do something slightly different at a later date.

As a result, there’s always constant motion, constant reassignment, and a need to stay on top of the changes that are part and parcel of managing a temporary workforce and meeting client expectations when they request a temporary worker. Time tracking is an important part of this, but why?

For Yourself & Your Workers

It’s often the case that in temporary work, people are operating on an hourly basis of pay. Therefore, it’s critical for you, your worker, and even the client to know exactly how long a person has worked so that everyone has a clear idea of the pay that is due. This can be especially important if things come up, such as a looming deadline for a construction project, and overtime is required to stay on track for the deadline.

Accurate tracking of hours for pay isn’t just ethical; it’s also legally required. If a client attempts to abuse workers by requiring work beyond the time allotted, this hurts both you and the workers you’ve staffed. If workers aren’t honest about the hours they put in, this can mean work lags behind, but they’re still getting paid. When it comes to accurate time tracking of employees and the hours they’ve put in for a staffing agency, time literally is money, so getting this right is crucial.

Training Is Important

To create a successful time tracking process in your staffing company, every worker you take on must be instructed in the importance of respecting and following the system. Draft a policy for time tracking that is fair to you, your admin staff that must keep track of it, and the employees that must abide by it. Take the time to create a reasonable training system.

When you’re ready, ensure that workers you bring to your staffing agency are on board with the method that you’ve chosen to implement. If you can get your workers to follow this procedure, and standardize it across your entire agency, it makes things easier for everyone to manage.

Automate The Process

One of the most efficient ways to create a system that is both fast and easy to use is to automate this process. Time tracking software, like those offered by Clear Task Solutions for workflow management and timecard tracking, is a good example of this. This takes the old “punch card” method from workflows of old aren’t and brings it into the digital age as an app that any worker can download and install on a smartphone.

With the app in place, time tracking is centralized, online, accessible to all relevant staff, easy to use, and easy to track. Workers can “clock in” using the app, admin is notified the moment the clock in occurs, and even crucial details like client requests, or specific addresses for suppliers can be included. Best of all, however, it’s accurate and keeps everyone honest.