Is Technology Changing The Way You Run Your Staffing Company?

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Technology always has a huge impact on the way Americans live. The arrival of the automobile was a game-changer for how Americans traveled, and the invention of the computer and the Internet has now changed just about every aspect of the way we send and receive information. In this regard, information technology has disrupted nearly

Can 3D Printing Innovate The Construction Industry?

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Anyone that grew up watching Star Trek remembers a lot of the amazing technology that science fiction television show imagined, such as the holodeck or the transporter. There was one in particular that, despite the fact that no one in the Star Trek universe treated it as especially important, had huge implications; the replicator. The

It’s Time For Contractors To Modernize

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Today, more people than ever are accessing the internet. Not only does this allow people to remain connected to one another through social media, but it also influences their buying decisions. Consider information from Hubspot that says 97 percent of individuals search online to find a local business. As a small business owner, it’s critical

Apps That Every Construction Business Owner Needs To Know About

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You’ve decided to accept the fact that your company’s technology is lacking and that it’s time to modernize your process. So you go to the Google Play or Apple Store and begin browsing the management apps they offer, scrolling aimlessly hoping that one will catch your eye. But, you’re not even sure what you’re looking

Are You Part of the 60% with This Communication Issue?

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After completing a survey we conducted in October, we discovered that 60% of all companies managing work site crews reported that there is a problem with jobs not being recorded correctly, resulting in a loss of revenue. Crews were being dispatched to work sites, with instruction for what needed to be completed for the day.