As a small business owner, one of the most significant problems you will likely face is holding your employees accountable. With so many employees spread across job sites, it could be challenging to ensure that all of your employees are:

• Present physically at a job site
• Present when they claim to be
• Working on their assigned tasks

One survey from the Harvard Business Review found that nearly 60 percent of employees trust a stranger more than they believe their boss. The mistrust between employees and employers runs deep. But creating organic accountability is an excellent way to begin building trust with your employees.

At ClearTaskSolutions, we provide the best time clock app for small business. Below, you’ll find how this app could help build trust and accountability within your team.

Settle Payroll Disputes 

In the construction industry, one of the leading causes of employee disputes is payroll, primarily when managers use paper sheets to log hours. A mistake that’s as innocent as you entering an “3” instead of a “8” could create a long list of problems and disputes. Fortunately, our software prevents this from happening.

Our app is the best time clock app for small business because it allows employees to see the hours they’ve worked in real time. Both employees and managers can open the app to see how many hours the employee has worked that day, week, and month. If an employee notices an issue with the hours they’ve logged, they can report it to the boss immediately.

Managers can also trust that the information within this app is entirely accurate. Our software is the best time clock app for small business because it also comes with location tracking. No longer can employees lie about when they were on a job site, nor can they have another employee sign them into work when they’re running late.

This app tracks the location whenever an employee starts or stops the clock. Managers can trust that employees are accurate in the hours that they report and that they were present on the site when they claimed to be.

Ensure Arrival At The Correct Job Site 

Both employees and employers become frustrated whenever the employee arrives at the wrong job site. Each party can claim that the other is at fault and the employee will want to be paid for the hours they spent driving to the wrong site, while the manager will likely try not to pay the employee. Fortunately, our software also prevents this from happening.

The best time clock app for small business directs employees with directions to their intended job site. By having access to this information, managers can believe that employees will show up to the right place. Failure to do so is the employee’s fault. The app helps to hold employees accountable by ensuring they show up to the right job site on time.

Working On The Correct Tasks 

Another issue that tends to cause problems between employees and employers is working on the correct task. Managers budget projects based on how long they expect specific tasks to take. If an employee chooses to work on a different project, it could cause considerable delays. However, thanks to the ClearTaskSolutions app, managers can assign specific tasks to each employee on certain days.

Furthermore, managers can instruct employees to track the tasks on which they’ve worked in their mobile time clock app. So, for instance, an employee could indicate that they hung drywall between 8 AM and 11:30 AM. The ability to see this information allows managers to hold employees accountable so that employees work diligently and they don’t waste time.