ClearTaskSolutions’ new app provides a mobile time clock, making it easier for workers to log their working hours and for managers to run payroll. Unfortunately, many small business owners in the construction industry accept the status quo, believing that there’s nothing wrong with their current time card system.

In reality, there’s a good chance that you’ve grown blind or accustomed to many of the problems posed by traditional timecards. Making the switch to the ClearTaskSolutions mobile time clock could do wonders for your business. Consider these four common payroll problems that the ClearTaskSolutions mobile time clock eliminates.

Lost Time Sheets 

If you’re a small business owner, there’s a good chance that you use paper time cards at the construction sites you’re managing. At the end of each day or week, someone from your management team is in charge of bringing the timesheets back to your primary headquarters. It’s incredibly easy for a piece of paper to be lost in the shuffle. What happens then?

Are you supposed to pay your employees in full? Do you need to ask your employees to fill out another time sheet, hoping that they can accurately report how long they worked? Telling your employees that you lost a timesheet could leave them frustrated and lacking trust, as it indicates a potential management problem. By logging time online and uploading timesheets to a cloud-based server, you’ll never have to worry about losing another timesheet again.

Wasted Hours Looking For Job Sites 

Imagine you’re sending an employee from his or her primary job site to a secondary site. The employee is unfamiliar with the secondary site, gets lost along the way, and shows up 30 minutes late to work. As a result, both management and the employee are upset.

ClearTaskSolutions can help you avoid this awkward situation. The mobile time card app provides workers with clear directions to job sites, so they know exactly where they’re going. It allows managers to perform due diligence and takes away a worker’s excuse for being late.

Overspending On Inefficiencies 

The American Payroll Association estimates that businesses spend approximately 3.5 percent of earnings on payroll misinformation and mistakes. This includes things such as buddy punching and fraudulently logging of working hours. If you pay $500,000 in payroll each year that means you may have wasted $17,500 because of workers taking advantage of your outdated payroll system.

With the ClearTaskSolutions app, every worker is held accountable for his or her hours. They must clock into work on their cell phone and location tracking ensures that they are present on the job site when they do so.

Lack Of Data For Analysis 

With paper timesheets, all managers know is who was at a job site on a particular day and how long they were there. There is no easy way to track how long an employee worked on a particular project. However, the ClearTaskSolutions easily allows workers to indicate which project they were working on.

This can provide managers with an abundance of information. For instance, they can easily tell how long it takes Employee A to hang drywall. Not only will this allow them to quote future projects more accurately, but it also allows them to see who is working efficiently.