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Seven Construction Management Tips To Boost Your Profits

By |2019-07-14T21:04:42-06:00March 5th, 2019|Clear Task Solutions, Construction, Crew Management, Electronic Time Cards, Time Card Management, Time Management|

Keeping your employees happy should help boost your productivity. However, this may still not be enough to keep your project on track. To make money in 2019, you’re going to need to invest in yourself, your small business, and your employees. Implementing these seven strategies and tips can help boost your profits.  1. Use Subcontractors

Five Ways To Manage Your Construction Team

By |2019-07-14T21:06:27-06:00February 27th, 2019|Clear Task Solutions, Construction, Crew Management, E-time Cards, Electronic Time Cards, Time Card Management|

If you have any experience working on a construction site, you are likely well aware of how challenging it can be to manage your team. On any given project, there could be just ten laborers, or even dozens or hundreds. Deadlines are of the utmost importance, as falling behind schedule could drive up costs considerably.

One Simple Business Tool That Will Pump Up Your Profit

By |2019-07-14T21:18:14-06:00May 16th, 2018|Clear Task Solutions, Crew Management, Dispatch Software, Dispatching, Money Management, Time Management|

Want To Increase Your Business Profit? You Need to Learn This Man’s Secret First Dan Poulsen has been in the trucking industry for 25 years and owns his own dirt trucking company that focuses on new development. His company, D&D Trucking, has been using the Clear Task Solutions app for the past two years. The

What You Can Do About Stress Right Now

By |2019-07-14T21:18:47-06:00April 20th, 2018|Clear Task Solutions|

How is it possible to work so hard, get so much done, but still only make a dent in your workload? It is as if you are digging yourself out of quicksand with a spoon. The harder you work the deeper you sink. In the end, you are only left feeling defeated, utterly exhausted, and