You’ve decided to accept the fact that your company’s technology is lacking and that it’s time to modernize your process. So you go to the Google Play or Apple Store and begin browsing the management apps they offer, scrolling aimlessly hoping that one will catch your eye. But, you’re not even sure what you’re looking for!

Instead of browsing hundreds of apps wondering why you decided to take the leap into this world of technology in the first place, put a plan in place before you begin. Ask yourself what is the problem you want to solve?

Once you know this, it should be much easier to find an app that meets your needs. Fortunately, we’ve taken the time to compile the best apps available in 2019 that every construction business owner needs to know about.

ClearTaskSolutions Mobile App

ClearTaskSolutions’ mobile app helps streamline your construction time cards and payroll. The app allows employees to clock in and out from anywhere. It also provides location tracking so that managers can see where their employees are when submitting their timesheet.

The app also provides real-time payroll updates. Managers can use this feature for live data analysis, while employees can use it to solve any discrepancies immediately.

This app is available for as little as $1 per employee per month.

Snappi’s Construction Manager App 

Snappi designed this app to help streamline the flow of information between construction sites and company headquarters. Information commonly sent over the app includes:

  •  Maintenance logs 
  •  Project estimates
  •  Daily reports 

Estimates show that nearly a half-million construction managers are using the app. You’ll likely find that the app can help you delegate and monitor tasks unlike ever before.


The Construction Management and Punchlist app from PlanGrid allows collaborations between architects and contractors. Not only will you find this app beneficial in pre-planning, but it can also be useful whenever you run into a hiccup on the job site and need to make changes to your original blueprints. Collaborators can share files across numerous devices instantly. PlanGrid claims to manage more than 40 million blueprints on its app currently.


The BIMx mobile app is another way to simplify your planning and design process. The app allows you to produce 2D and 3D architectural designs, allowing your visions to come to life in the initial designing stages. The models are interactive as well, which can help you to communicate more efficiently with your team.

DigitAlchemy’s Fraction Calculator 

“Measure twice, cut once” will be easier than ever by downloading DigitAlchemy’s Fraction Calculator. The company designed the app specifically to handle challenging fraction problems that you may run into on the job site. We are well aware that every millimeter matters when working construction. Woodworkers rated this the #1 construction app available for download, making it a must-have for everyone on your team.

Safety Meeting App 

If you’re looking to emphasize workplace safety, the Safety Meeting App is a must-have. The app makes provides managers with instant access to hundreds of safety meeting topics and allows you to document your safety meetings. It allows managers to file any workplace incident or accident report. The app also meets OSHA’s Required Meetings Laws.