After completing a survey we conducted in October, we discovered that 60% of all companies managing work site crews reported that there is a problem with jobs not being recorded correctly, resulting in a loss of revenue. Crews were being dispatched to work sites, with instruction for what needed to be completed for the day. If something new needed to be added to the work to be done, it wasn’t being recorded. Proper paperwork wasn’t used, materials weren’t accounted for, man hours of labor were not logged, etc. All of this results in a loss of revenue for the company, and a loss of pay for the workers on the job.

Clear Task Solutions founder, Dan Poulsen, has personal experience in the service industry, and has experienced this very issue. It’s what lead him to develop a new software, found nowhere else on the market. Not only does it help keep track of unexpected work, and all that comes with it, there are many more features manageable through the dashboard that create a way for a company to manage all tasks in one place associated with the services industry.

Clear Task Solutions is bringing new, and valuable software into the hands of service companies, because it’s time!