Life in the 21st century continues to get faster and more intense for every American. We live in a time there’s always something to do. Whether it comes to work or play, there’s always a clock ticking down as we complete a task and then rush off to the next one, even if it’s only to make sure we get enough rest, so we have the energy to do it all over again the next day.

For many staffing agencies, managing a busy schedule with different workers is a major part of getting through the day with sanity intact. If you want to make sure your work and home life are more easily managed, here are five apps that can make a difference.


This is essential for anyone that has a busy digital life. The best passwords to protect your account are also the most difficult ones to remember, and the best way to use those passwords is to use unique, difficult passwords for every account, not the same password over and over again. 1Password is a management system that lets people create the most difficult passwords they want, and then store them, to automatically be filled at the log-in screen of whatever account they want to use.

This means that you only need to remember one password, the one for your 1Password account. Everything else can be just as difficult as you need it to be, without worrying about digging up notes anywhere to remind you.

Rescue Time

Are you losing time, but you’re not sure where or how? Do you want to find out where the time is lost so you can better plan how to manage your time? Rescue time may be the app for you. By following this app, you can fill in what you’re doing during the day, and then see a summary of where your time is going. Once you know where the “time sinks” are, you can plan the best ways to close them up.


This is essential for anyone fond of making “note to self.” Evernote is the handy app that you can jot down every reminder, one-liner, or task that you want to remember for later. Evernote works through either text or voice recording to cater to your preferences, and it’s perfect for having something to refer back to when you need it.

Remember The Milk

An important part of task management is remembering that you have tasks to complete. Remember The Milk is a “to-do list” app that takes down everything you need to do, and then reminds you at a later point so that you don’t forget. It’s also compatible with other apps, like Evernote, so that you can kill two birds with one stone, reminding yourself of something on Evernote then having Remember The Milk ensure it doesn’t slip your mind.

Clear Task Solutions Timecard

When it comes to managing a job, especially for construction-related tasks, there’s a LOT to keep track of. Clocking in, clocking out, going to the right supplier to pick up materials for the job, ensuring the job is completed to satisfaction and letting management know this. The CTS timecard app manages this with things like remote clock in and out, a GPS so you know where workers are, in-app briefings that include everything from the worksite location to specific client requests about how a job should be done. You can even include directives for where workers should go for supplies if the client prefers a specific vendor.