Running a staffing company is all about efficient organization. Especially if you’re providing temporary workers to fill in certain jobs because that can often mean introducing workers into already well-defined, well-established routines and situations to do work for a limited time before stopping and moving on to a different task.

One way that you can keep your staffing company running smoothly and efficiently is by using the right tools, such as the timecard and workflow management software offered by ClearTaskSolutions. The CST software is both a program that admin can use on their computers and an app that workers can download to their phone. Here are four reasons why this can give your company a competitive edge.

Reduce In-Office Briefings

One of the biggest challenges for a staffing company is that every new job a worker is sent on has a potential learning curve. While your worker may be trained in using the right equipment, and knowing how to do a quality job, there are things about this specific job that needs to be learned. 

Normally, much of this information would have to be relayed in a sit-down training session or lecture. Now, however, CST workflow management software and timecard apps can put a lot of this information right on the worker’s phone. If there are any questions about where to go or specific requests on what to do, they can be included in the job listing.

Stay In The Loop

The CST software provides a centralized platform that keeps everyone in the loop, including admin and other workers. If a job becomes available, it’s viewable to everyone that is part of the team, but once someone accepts that job, the posting is automatically removed from the “board”, so you don’t have to worry about redundancies. For example, having two different workers show up at the same job, because both of them think they are assigned to it.

Use Different Media

A fantastic feature of the CST software is that it lets both management and users employ different types of media to get the point across. Since a smartphone also doubles as a camera and a map, CST software takes advantage of this. If you need to show your worker a photograph of the worksite, that image can be attached to the work assignment, so there’s no need to go into email, or social media to check for an image required for the job. In the same way, if a photo is required to show the finished job, the worker can quickly snap it and submit it along with the completed work assignment.

Keep Workers Honest

Perhaps the most important feature of the CST software is the timecard app. Workers don’t have to go into an office punch an old fashioned time card machine to clock in. They can now do this on their phone. Conversely, this also means that having friends “punch in” or other fraudulent acts to get dishonestly paid for time that wasn’t put in are much more difficult to pull off now. You can save a lot of money for your company, as well as grow a reputation for honest if your software drastically reduces the ability of people to game the system and cheat you or your clients out of work time.