Keeping track of the time that employees have put in matters for everyone. Employees want to make sure their hours are clocked, so they get paid fair wages. Employers or HR departments need to know how much money is going out to workers, and who exactly is doing the work. In the past, this kind of accounting was done manually with paper time sheets, clocking in, clocking out, and an HR and/or finance person going over all the forms.

Today, it doesn’t have to be that way. ClearTask is an employee time clock app that can replace traditional time card tracking and calculating methods. When you use ClearTask, you’re jumping into a new wave of technology that’s improving the way we manage work. It manages to do so in three important ways.

1. Greater Accuracy

For better or for worse, a company that uses ClearTask software as an employee time clock app has made honesty mandatory, verifiable, and enforceable. The app works by letting workers “punch the clock” on their phone, which they will always have with them. Since the phone can go online, when a worker punches in using the employee time clock app, that exact time is recorded and preserved for verification.

However, the best part of this kind of time card app is that it uses GPS systems as well. With paper systems, an employee could be assigned to work at a remote location, punch the card, but not show up on time—or at all. With a time card app, the GPS tracking system confirms the location as a real-time payroll “punch in,” so if the employee is nowhere near the work zone, you’ve got proof. With time clock fraud a very real financial threat, this is important. If managers need to update info because hours are incorrectly entered, they can do so online, without needing to track down a paper punch card.

2. Less Wasted Time & Money

With a traditional printed time card system, there’s a lot of time spent processing. Workers have to remember to punch in and keep their cards where they can be collected and verified. They might even have to track down a supervisor to turn in a time sheet. Management, such as HR or finance, has to collect those cards or time sheets, organize them, and then read each one to verify. They will then enter it into a system which may be on paper, or it may be digital.

A solution like the ClearTask time clock app avoids wasting money and time by getting rid of paper time sheets, which can be easily lost, missed while going through a pile, or not accurately entered. It means that if a time sheet or info is missing, it’s because a punch in never occurred, not that an employee failed to hand it in. It even lets both employees and HR double check if there’s a dispute about whether all hours worked are correct.

3. It Takes A Load Off HR

HR has to do a lot more when it comes to managing workers than just chasing them to make sure they are properly clocking in so they can get paid. Unfortunately, with older, paper-based systems, HR can spend more time stressing out over getting all the time sheet data in rather than spending it on more important matters, such as attending to a workers comp issue.

The ClearTask time clock software can remove stress from the HR department—and even the owner—taking a task that might require days with paper, and reducing it to a matter of hours. With the ability to check and confirm things online, not have to hunt anything down, and even digitally verify information,